Greatness is how you choose to respond

What is your definition of greatness? Who is, for you, “a great person”?

I guess, for many of us, a great person is someone who is famous, rich, young, and successful.

In short, probably one of the many celebrities! Am I right?

But, let’s take a look at what real greatness is.

To begin, how great are you in your own eyes?  Do not know the answer?

I’ll help you. Ask yourself these questions:

– Is your greatness up to you?
– When you are faced with obstacles, do you respond with hope and faith?
– After you have failed to achieve a goal, do you calm yourself with a positive message?
– When you find yourself in the darkness, do you see “the light at the end of the tunnel”?
– When your journey seems impossible, do you find the strength to carry on?
– When the road is “too long”, do you try to rest and encourage yourself?

If “Yes” is your answer to these questions, you are a great person.

You understand that greatness is up to you, and depends on “the beauty of your soul”.

You know how to calm yourself. You accept that you do not need to have a high profile role in this world to be a great person.

Every one of us is great in a unique way, and deserves respect, accepting that we all go through ups and downs.

I believe that, for some people, the definition of greatness is distorted.

We’ve neglected our souls in trying to reach “the greatness of celebrity”, which is wrong.

We do not need to be as great as… or as successful as… or as rich as…  to feel great.

No, we are great because we have precious family, steadfast friends. We are great because we have a soul, and love for everyone.

We are great because of our great self-esteem, and the ability to never focus on that which we are missing.

There is no greater greatness than contentment in the knowledge of life.

Do not look for greatness in others! Yes, you can follow a great person, but do not be envious or discontented.

Our greatness lies right here, within!

Do you want to become a great person? Then understand that every type of negative feeling results from negative thoughts.

Accept situations that are beyond your control and you will release a great amount of positive energy.

A great person is one who knows how to forgive, how to be thankful, and how to express his/her feelings.

Many of us are ready to drive ourselves to the situation wherein we see other people’s lives and imagine that if we could just live like them, we would finally feel like a great person. There is a price to pay for that opinion.

Greatness is about uniqueness. We are all great in our personal unique way.

Don’t look over the fence at another’s life to feel great.

Look at your own life and you’ll see the greatness within.

Be aware, though, that greatness is not a biologically given gift; it is the result of effort and hard work.

Why am I writing about greatness?

Just for a reason known for many years: People who act as a great person, who visualize themselves as a great person, will act that way in real life situations.

Thinking of greatness as an attitude can help us cope with day- to-day reality, especially when that reality looks grim.

When pressures are high, we almost automatically switch to negative thinking.

A great person means a great thinker, and that person will have more coping skills than a negative or depressed person.

Have you redefined your definition of greatness? Yes, “Greatness is how you choose to respond.”