Relationships and Stress

There is no doubt: stress and relationships are strongly related. Maybe you know “everything” about stress, but do you know how stress influences your relationships? It does not matter if you are single or married, or how long have you been in this relationship; stress plays a huge role in your relationships and happiness.

Let us see what the experts have to say.

It is a well-known fact: stress drains your energy every day. Personal life depends on energy, and if you do not have enough energy, how can you support your partner? Scientific research shows that men’s and women’s brains are hardwired differently, determined by the level of hormones, which results in different stress coping skills. Yes, men and women manage stress differently. Often, stress is one of the reasons why you want to divorce your partner, and you are not aware of it.

Actually, it is not about whether you love, support or understand your partner; it is about how men and women handle stress. You know that “something doesn’t work” in your relationship, but you do not know what. Hold on for a moment and think of yours and your partner’s stress level.


The next thing to think about is this: in today’s demanding work environment, women work side by side with men; this causes more stress for her. Work is a source, for both men and women, for  great stress. Yes, jobs are stressful. Coming home from a stressful work environment, women’s stress will go up, not down! After many hours out of the home, now she needs to be a good mother and wife, which is stressful job, as well.

Do not ever try to compare your wife to your mother, like “my mother was always relaxed”. Did your mother work in the same stressful environment? Obviously – not.


Today’s scenario is: An exhausted man comes home after work, just to find a terribly tired and stressed partner. This is an ideal scenario for conflict, misunderstanding and forgetting romantic time together. In each suffering relationship, for one or other reason, romantic time will be the first thing to be destroyed!

One of possible sources of stress could be your expectations. When expectations of your partner are high and your partner is not able to satisfy these expectations, overall stress will go up, and the quality of your relationship will go down. Unfortunately, many times your partner cannot meet his or her own expectations, and now needs to respond to your expectations. Isn’t this asking too much?

Try to reduce stress in your relationship; doing that will immediately reduce your problems. There is a problem-stress-success connection. When you have a problem, you are stressed. When you are stressed, you create more problems, sending a message to your partner: you are not successful in solving my problems and my stress. The message is clear; you are not good!

The circle is closed and love is gone! The only way around this is to reduce yours and your partner’s stress by calming your nervous system.