Is Your Success Internal or External?

Do you know the answer?  Maybe you do not know that success consists of two different parts: internal and external.

Have you ever had a feeling that everything in your life looks nice and you have great plans for the future, but you are not sure that you feel happy and successful? How that can be possible?

Let me explain my point. We know that everyone wants to be successful, but what is your definition of success? Is it feelings of inside happiness and success, or are your feelings coming from the outside?

Which part is more important, the internal or the external?

The answer is: both. They are inseparable parts. You cannot be successful if you have just one part; you need to posses both. To be and feel successful, and I believe happy as well, you need the same feelings from both sides of your personality. What is inside you should mirror what is outside of you. If you do not feel successful and happy inside, you cannot be successful in the outside world. If you just act as that successful person, that is better than just feeling unhappy, but this is still not full success.

Now you know it is possible to be a great achiever – having external success — and still not feel like a successful person. What is missing is internal success. You need to accept, feel and believe you are successful. To fulfil your life, you need to feel basically the same externally and internally.

What I am telling you about you is not so important compared to what you say to yourself. As we know, we have celebrities who do not feel internally satisfied, despite a huge external popularity and success. How you feel inside is crucial for everything in your life because everything starts and finishes with you. What you see, feel, accept, and understand internally/externally is an important part of your personality.

To feel and act successful, you need feelings of internal control of your life. Unfortunately, when fear is part of your life, which is the case in people with general anxiety disorder (GAD), you do not feel in control of your life. Anxiety is all about fears, worries and control. When you do not feel in control, then there is little chance that you feel happy and successful. In other words, if you feel in control of your life, you will be satisfied with yourself and consequently happy and successful.

Just to clarify something: I am not saying that people with GAD cannot be successful or happy; I am just saying that because of a huge internal fear (anxiety), these people will feel less in control of their life. With less control in life comes a smaller chance of being successful or happy. Internally they feel fear, and externally life does not look so bright to them. When people with anxiety overcome their internal fears, they will gain internal control and the result will be a happy and successful life.