What The Hack Telomeres Has To Do With Long Life

If you want to live a long, healthy, and happy life, learn how to improve the length of your telomeres!

This article is not a professional paper, but it’s complicated to explain and understand.

Let’s start learning.

Inside human cell exist many different things, but for now, remember:

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the main constituent of chromosomes, and the carrier of genetic information.

The chromosome, structure inside the cell’s nucleus carrying genetic information in the form of gens,

The telomeres, a part of DNA, located  at the end of the chromosome,

The telomerase, an enzyme found inside in the cell.

Imagine chromosomes structure similar to the shoelace. What is at the end of the “shoelace” (chromosome), we call it telomeres.

Whenever stem cells in the body start to divide, DNA copies of the original DNA, getting shorter and shorter than the original. When DNA runs out of the telomere portion, next time, during the process of copying, it will cut off a piece of a gene.

That’s the exact time when aging and disease start in human life.

Life comes to an end when there is now more process of a cell dividing.

At first, scientists believed that the length of telomeres determines life. Then, the science discovered enzyme telomerase! This enzyme is amazing. Telomerase may help slow down the shortening of telomeres!

Telomerase has a protein that keeps them from shortening. It’s key to healthy cell division. By activating enzyme telomerase, we make life longer. With enough telomerase, DNA will not run out of telomeres, and you will not die prematurely!

What’s the point of the whole story?

Many scientists think telomere shortening is one of the best markers of real biological age.

With this knowledge, we know that longevity depends on us. We can influence our survival by paying attention to mental and physical health, only by being positive, paying attention to the diet, and exercise. Reduce stress and have a goal and meaning and reason to live.

Never forget that your mind “read” your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and react accordingly!

Therefore we can say: Telomeres have a lot to do with the longevity of your life.