The Human Mind: Your Most Powerful Tool for Achieving Your Goals

 An old adage tells us, If you can believe it, you can achieve it. I know you’ve heard this old adage many times, but have you ever really stopped to think about what it means? Stay with me…we’ll think about it right now.

This is not just one more article about the power of the human mind. In this article, I share my understanding, after years of study on the subject, why the mind is such a powerful tool.

The question is this: Is there any science behind “the power of the human mind”?  What about the many methods that have been developed to help us reach our maximum potential: hypnosis, meditation, visualization, affirmation, the emotional freedom technique, or brainwave music? What does science tell us about the placebo effect, (a fake treatment with an inactive substance)? 

Many of these methods claim to be able to change the subconscious mind and the frequency of brainwaves. Some claim they can heal or relax the human mind. 

There is no dilemma: Innovations such as those in neuroscience, neurobiology, quantum physics, epigenetic, psychoneuroimmunology, neurophysiology, and brain imaging technology have definitely changed the world and how we see ourselves, and have helped us to understand how the mind works. Understandably, science wants to know the facts about the healing techniques mentioned earlier, such as hypnosis and meditations, if only to protect us from any potential harmful effects. Fortunately, many of these techniques (e.g., meditation, the emotional freedom technique, and the placebo effect) have received support from the sciences. 

These techniques claim to elicit positive feedback from the human body and mind, which causes the body and the brain to function well and to be healthy.  

Whenever you try to change the internal state, to calm, protect, or heal yourself, it is always good to include the power of belief, hope, acceptance, high emotions, mental rehearsal, focus, and intention. Why? Because, it works! 

It is all about suggestibility. When a person experiences intense emotions, that person becomes more suggestible to the positive end result. Believing alone will not turn your goal into reality; however, your goal most definitely will not turn into reality unless you believe that it will. 

Do you want to help or to heal yourself, or to increase your level of suggestibility? Go ahead and be grateful. Gratitude is a very powerful emotion. It can help you in many ways. 

Your strong emotional response will enable you to activate and to reach the place where the change is happening—your subconscious mind. 

If you really want to change your mindset, quiet your mind: Do not be too analytical, stressful, or push too hard to make it happen. Do not try to predict what is going to happen. Rationalizing is good, but not in this case. It will diminish your result. The power of your mind works well only when you are relaxed and calm. 

You will reach the operating system of your mind—your subconscious mind—only when you accept, believe, and surrender to its suggestions. If you are still questioning your method of choice for changing or healing your mind, stop it now.  You need a powerful core of belief. Any kind of dilemma or fear should not be a part of any healing process. 

Find the best method for healing and changing your mindset. You will then have the power to believe it …and to achieve it.