The Mind Runs the Ship

If you ever wanted to know who the captain of our life is, now, by reading this article, you have the chance to explore that which ’runs the ship’.

Thanks to the research on how the mind works, we know much more about our minds than ever before.

Our mind programs our voyage

As any other good captain, our mind programs our voyage through life from the very beginning. This mind is an amusingly and incredibly complex mechanism, directing our thoughts.

This is how our subconscious mind determines and programs our success or failure, our happiness or unhappiness.

Who programs our minds?

Everyone does! Literally everyone we meet is in a position to write a good or a bad ‘program’ for us—our parents, family, teachers, peers, friends, enemies, neighbours or colleges.

Our experiences, from earliest childhood to this very moment, are recorded and stored forever in our subconscious minds. What is stored there will remain.

Whenever we need to make any decision in life, our brains will go to our ‘recorded library’- subconscious mind- to learn what to do. In a millisecond, our brains scan the billions of thoughts that we have stored and we make a decision about what to do. The brain will always refer to the same recorded library and learn from the same available information.

Are we conditioned to think in a certain way?

Yes, we are. Actually, it depends on what was recorded in our subconscious minds. The good news is that we have the power to delete or to change any stored information, and that is the power of the human mind. How can we change or delete any information from the ‘recorded library’?

We need to change our pattern of self-talk, undesirable habits, negative perception or negative thinking. Honestly, it is not easy to change any stored information. It will take time and effort from our side, but it is worth doing.

Changing our negative stored thoughts, we will change our perception on life for the better, what we believe about ourselves, our attitude and how we deal with any event in our life.

We mentally create our reality

For many of us, the hardest thing to accept is that very few things in life happen by ‘accident’; mostly, we mentally create our reality. By influence from others, we create our attitude, perception, beliefs, trust, hope and expectations. Because of our creation, we are happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful, open minded or narrow minded.

Whatever happens to us is not the result of good or a bad luck – it is the result of our ‘stored information’, our previous experience, our level of self-esteem and our level of self-confidence.

The next time that something undesirable happens to us, before blaming anyone or anything, we must look inside ourselves. Doing that, we will save a lot of energy and our nerves, and we will get on our feet much sooner than we expected.

Yes, this is the how the mind works. If there is anything we must admire in life, it is our minds. There is nothing similar to this miracle!