person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknote

What is True Prosperity?

person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknoteHave you ever asked yourself what true prosperity means to you? If your first thought is “having plenty of money”, you are not alone. You belong to the 80% of people who agree with you.

If you believe that true prosperity is being a millionaire, you need to read this article and rethink the question!

The very first fact about prosperity is this: most people do not experience prosperity, no matter how much money they have!

It sounds weird but it’s reality. If anything is fair in this world, the possibility of being happy with no money is.

I have no personal experience being wealthy and for me it’s extremely difficult to accept that having money will not make me feel better, happier or more satisfied than I am now.

I have read many articles on wealthy people, and I must admit that I couldn’t find in them any sign of great happiness or a big passion for life, despite the many millions in their pockets.

What’s missing there? Why is life like this?

I don’t know, and I have tried to find an answer to that question.

This article is a result of my homework and I have made this article in the form of a conversation between an “expert “and myself.

“The reality is that everyone, from the poorest to the richest, has problems. Money cannot guarantee you an experience of prosperity. Problems exist at every level of wealth, and money itself will not give you a ticket to haven. Financial stability will not bring you emotional security. Achieving prosperity does not depend on your education, your money or your ethnicity or heritage. It is only the result of your thinking! Developing your thoughts is the first step toward prosperity. The moment you deliberately direct your attention and choose what you really want in your life – it will manifest. This is now a scientifically proven fact!” I needed to stop my “expert” at the beginning of his “lesson” and ask “Excuse me, are you fooling me? What I am learning here is not true. Who is telling me that money is not so important in our life? C’mon!”

“I didn’t say that, what I said is this: Prosperity is, in some certain ways, related to money, but it is not caused by money!
It’s a big difference.”

“Oh, now I know what you mean.”

“No, you don’t!” he said angrily.

“If you still believe that money can bring you personal prosperity, you give your power away to somebody else.”

Oh, my teacher is getting more and more angry and it’s not good for him!

“When you are able to meet your basic physical and emotional needs, you can experience prosperity. As I said, prosperity can exist at every level of income.”

“Thank you, I feel better now!”

“Do you know the definition of `prosperity’, Mr. Omniscient?” was his question.

Totally confused, I admitted, “No, I don’t.”

“I knew that and I will explain it to you. Prosperity is the experience of having what you truly want in life. When you discover what you really want and need in your life, and when you develop the ability to bring it into your life, you will get your prosperity! When you do that, recognize, appreciate and enjoy what you have. There is no satisfaction in life until you acknowledge your true needs and desires. If you know how to fulfill them, you are OK!”

“Sounds good to me!”

“Are you a dreamer? “asked my “expert”. “If you worry about how to find prosperity, you need to discover your true desires and find balance within. Don’t look at me, not even at the money; you are in charge of your own prosperity.”

“Wait a minute, Mr. Expert. Could you please try to clarify your statement? You just explained to me that prosperity isn’t caused by money! I am not following you! What’s the relationship between money and prosperity? I am totally confused.”

“It depends on your personal point of view,” said Mr. Expert.” If you see everything from the materialistic viewpoint, then money is the key for you to find prosperity. There is no doubt about that. Western culture, and many others, holds this perception, and I have a problem with it,” added my “expert.” Simply put, this point of view denies the importance of spirituality and emotional needs. If you are seeking fulfillment from outside, it’s not enough for real prosperity. You can have something from the outside (money), but you are empty and disappointment inside. You didn’t satisfy your inner needs, and you cannot be totally satisfied, despite your big bank account!”

“Is there any other approach?” I asked.

“Sure,” said the expert.” The spiritual viewpoint comes from transcendent religion and is a totally opposite approach from materialism. With spiritual richness and experience, focus is completely internal. The spiritual viewpoint’s strategy is very simple: do not ask for more, but try to need less.”

“As I can see, you prefer this approach,” I said.

“Not really! For me, this approach is just another trap, which creates tension.”

“Why is that?” I asked suspiciously.

“As a matter of fact, the spiritual approach denies our physical and emotional needs. The explanation is simple: do not try not to want it! Do not try not to need it! It is our human nature.
Respect it!”

“I will, but, you know what, Mr. Expert? You are playing games with me. Could you be more specific, please, and say what you mean and mean what you say? Do you have any plain answer about your teaching?”

“Yes, I do! In one word: balance. Only a person who can juggle all these different approaches can survive. Learn to understand your needs and what is important to you. When you know yourself well, you will know your direction. Follow your heart and go for it. Find balance in all aspects of your life- the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Live your life with all levels of your being, and you will find prosperity!”

“Thank you, Mr. Expert! I like your teaching on prosperity!”