What Has Been Stopping You All These Years?

For many years, I have been asking myself: “What has been stopping me from achieving my goals?”

If you want to make any change in life, ask yourself the same question, and your future might be different.

Ask yourself:

  1. How high is my self-esteem?
  2. Do I trust myself?
  3. How comfortable am I with stepping out of my comfort zone?

There are other questions one might ask, but issues of self-esteem, self-trust, and one’s comfort zone are essential to achieving any goal in life.

Be honest with your answers

Be honest when answering these questions. These answers will help you make your own master plan for improving your life.

Very few people think about these questions; they only seem to have one question on their minds: “How do I succeed in life?” This is okay to ask, but why do you not ask yourself other important questions as well?

I can tell you, with utmost certainty, that emotionally unprepared people will have a hard time keeping their life on track. Many people simply do not accept that state of mind can affect their own lives. They need to realize that unless people make an attempt to improve themselves, nothing can be done.

You are driven by your mind, thoughts, and perceptions

When you accept that you are driven by your mind, thoughts, and perceptions you will improve your overall status in life, including your relationships and employment.

What I am saying is very simple: Everyone must see what he or she needs to improve in his or her lives, and then change it for the better. You will experience a good outcome by adopting this practice.  Changing yourself is a stressful process for one reason: you have to adapt to the new situation, which is challenging  and of itself.

If a person does not adapt quickly to new surroundings, they will be out of harmony and unbalanced, which is, of course, unhealthy.

In other words, a well-adapted individual is a healthy one.

Therefore, learn how to easily adapt to new surroundings by learning that the mind and the body work together on a deeper level toward the same goal.

Healthy mind + healthy body = successful outcome!

Sometimes, you have to do things you don’t like, but they may be good for you.


To reach your goal, whatever is it, you need to be able to handle any possible situation. When you feel you are in control, you feel confident, and your self-esteem level is high. Feeling self-confident is essential for achieving goals. Self-confident people have realistic expectations; this enables them to plan and accomplish what they wish.

For all of you who are having a hard time during the process of change, remember that life satisfaction isn’t stripped away from you. When you know what has been stopping you all these years, going through difficult times is just a part of the process of improving.