What is Hope?


Have you heard the above titled beautiful song by Leann Rimes, lyrics by Mark D Sanders and Tia Sillers?

“. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. Promise me that you will give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

I really hope you will dance and not sit it out. I hope you will. Live each day and each year of your life to the fullest. So that you will have hope and look forward with confidence and back with no regrets.

With hope and optimism everything depends on you. Do not be afraid to be happy. Having hope gives you the strength to understand that absolute certainty never arrives.

Your best companion in life is your own hope. Keep your hope with you all the time. The ability to live with hope through everything in life is a great inspiration and provides strength and knowledge.

Hope is the most important healing force. Hope of recovery, hope of loving and being loved. Never say there is no hope. When there is no hope, there is no life. Better to say, “Where there is no hope, I will build it.” With hope, your mental attitude and your personality will develop a better life and destiny.

With great hope you will face the future optimistically.

It’s terribly important that we hang on to hope and never call a brownout a burnout. When there is a temporary overload on the emotional system, do not lose hope. Just rest, a new dawn will arrive.

I am talking about attitudes such as Hope, Optimism, and a Positive outlook.
Perhaps we do not yet understand the human mind and body enough to provide answers why hope and optimism are so beneficial to us.

But they are!

What is HOPE?

Hope is the belief that you will be able to meet your goals and the expectation of good things. The desire for something good is the basis for believing that good will come. With Hope one believes that all obstacles are challenges rather than dead ends.

Focusing on personal hope will help us to develop more positive, goal-oriented thinking.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

The best medicine in the world is hope, a positive attitude and optimism.

In these days we really need more medical doctors who will prescribe hope and optimism as medicine. Optimists are healthy people because our health depends on our hope. Hope is a force with a powerful influence.

Discouragement, negativism and hopelessness will sap you of the power to act.

And people who don’t act are like dead people.

We need to learn how to fight pessimism and bring more optimism and hope into our life.

We all suffer various trials in life, some of us more than others. Why do some people try and try again, whereas others seem to give up after relatively minor difficulties?

The way of thinking can make the difference.

If you have thoughts such as, “I am total failure” or “I am of no use to anybody” you are putting a big “STOP” sign in front of you. No actions, no solutions, and no power lead to a lot of excuses.

Fight back your pessimism. Say to yourself, “I know my negative thoughts are destructive. I am going to fight them.”

You are right, because your pessimistic thoughts are your overreactions. You are catastrophizing. Push aside negative thinking.

When you lose a job or money or an opportunity, you are losing a lot. But when you lose hope, you are losing everything.

With hope you can gain anything. Do not lose hope.

Hopelessness is a sickness that goes together with pessimism, depression, apathy and anxiety.

Today many medical doctors believe in the value of hope as therapy. ” Hope is a powerful therapy,” asserts Dr. W. Gifford. They know, for patients with hope and support survive longer and suffer less pain.

Consider a study on the role of optimism and pessimism in coronary heart disease.

A researcher comments, “Most of the evidence shows thinking positively is good for your health”. This study provides some of the first hard medical evidence for this idea in the arena of cardiology.

Hope and optimism are crucial not just for health. Even longevity has been linked to optimism. When older people were exposed to fleeting messages linking the aging process with increased wisdom and experience, they were later found to walk with increased strength and energy.

The improvement was equivalent to the result of a 12 – week exercise program!

Can you believe that? I hope you will!