What Is in Your Mind Will Determine Your Destiny

We need to be honest with ourselves!

We are sometimes angry, frustrated, envious or simply unsatisfied with everything in our life because we do not want to accept a reality: Often, our own mindset has kept us away from success and satisfaction.

Our life decisions did not come from nowhere; they came from inside us, from our own way of thinking and understanding how life works. Unfortunately, many times we are simply wrong. We are ready to blame everything and everyone except the main cause:  Ourselves!

But this is natural! It could be your subconscious mind and thoughts that are against you and you do not know that. Sometimes you cannot understand your own subconscious mind, and I cannot understand my subconscious mind, as well. That is the way minds work.

Your conscious and subconscious minds plant the seeds for a successful or unsuccessful life.

If you cannot see solutions, possibilities or opportunities in your life, your mindset will keep you stuck in a still position, unfortunately sometimes this is forever!  Under-standably, you may blame life, family, friends or a government. Of course, you do not want to feel responsible for your own life. It is the easiest, but the wrong way, not to feel guilty.

If you open your mind and see and understand how your life and mind works, you are on your way to a much better life. If you change your mindset, struggles, envy, resentments and other obstacles will be the past tense for you.

This is not an easy job to do. It will take time, effort, patience and support from your side. Your determination and desire for change will keep you on the pathway to a better life.

Your thoughts are energy. Your determination and desire for success and your visualization of success will create energy, and life itself will take care of the rest! Thats how life works.

But, do not forget just one small step: ACTION.

Dreaming, planning and preparing, without action is fruitless and useless. Theory works on paper, but only action works in reality. Changing your mindset is not a theory; it is an action.

If you did not achieve your goal, think about what you said to yourself about your goal.  

Did you have positive or negative thoughts, too low or too high expectations about your dream? How strong was your focus and determination for achieving your dream? The thoughts you constantly hold in your mind are very powerful tools. They may give you a push to success, or hold you in a rut indefinitely.

As I said: What is in your mind will determine your destiny.