What’s Your Personality?

What’s more important for your personal success; your educational background and job skills or your personality? If your answer is education, of course, then I need to disappoint you!

Our personality determines our life experience, shapes our performance and consequently, determines our success or failure.

Job success or failure, and job satisfaction, depend on our personality. Even our relationship with our spouse, colleagues and ourselves depends on our personal traits.

We are good at something only when we are operating from our strengths. We can achieve excellence and manage ourselves only by using our strong personal traits, not our weaknesses.

We are here in our current situation because of our personality type and traits, not for any other reason. We can simply say that everything depends on personality.

How important is it to know your personality? Knowing your personality has many benefits, because personality colors everything in a person’s life. If you want to understand your direction and what’s happening in your life, you need to know your personality first. If we want success in any area of life, we need to know our personality inventory first. Self-evaluation will help us to gain a better understanding of how we behave, think, react and respond to any life situation. When you recognize patterns in yourself, then you can take control of yourself by choosing to react differently, more positively, I hope. We need to learn how to control our emotions, feelings and habits, and how to deal with life itself and with other people.

Only if you know yourself well can you change for the better any of your given traits.

I have learned a lot about character and personality from a young fellow who has applied for a new job. No need to wonder: I’ll explain everything in detail.

This young fellow is a very well educated person with little work experience. He wanted to change his career by switching to a new very demanding field. To reach his goal he has applied for a new position and has gotten an interview.

I met him just a couple days after his second interview.

Fortunately, he got the new job. He was thrilled, not just because of getting a better job, but because he now knows his strengths and knows where he belongs! What was the reason for such excitement? The answer is very simple he has “discovered”

himself after taking a Personality Inventories Test. He now knows himself much better than before, and knows what he should correct.

This article explains what I’ve learned, in general, on personality.

First, I need to clarify the word “personality”. In this article I am not talking about personality as “a person of considerable prominence,” such as Hollywood personality. My intention is to explore personality as a description of personal attributes or a set of characteristics temperamental, mental, emotional and behavioral. Personality, which means “mask” in Greek, is actually a person’s natural mask.

In this article I am not talking about personality disorder, which generally are life long disturbances, I am just giving general thoughts on personality.

Our personality originates during the childhood, and is shaped by our family and life circumstances and, of course, by our biological make up. Personality is a set of beliefs about the world and is an integral part of the person.

Just to show how important a factor personality is in everyone’s life, I’ll give you this statement “Studies show that personality can propel a person of fairly average intelligence and education to great heights, or can make the smartest person feel like a failure.”

Being master of your life simply means being master of your personality. Interestingly, people usually do not pay attention to mastering their personality. More often they try to master education and job skills, but not personality. Each and any task in life requires the right personality, talent and skills. It’s our responsibility to find out our traits and where our personality, talent and skills fit. How a person performs, and what he is good at or not, is a matter of nature, not just knowledge and/or skills.

Yes, I know we can slightly change our performance in some area, but it’s definitely not easy to completely change our personality.

If you take a personality self-profile or self-assessment test, the results will give you a snapshot of your personality. For instance, you will learn how sociable and helpful you are. Are you a dependent, tense, rigid, or maybe, controlling person?

Maybe you are always looking for approval? How competitive, innovative, achieving or conscientious are you? How is your anger profile? Do you have very little difficulty maintaining your focus on a task? I hope you are not a perfectionist, or a depressed or anxious person.

An assertiveness test will help you answer the question “Are you a human doormat?” Do you say “yes” when you mean “no”? What about your stress tolerance level? You probably are good at coping skills, but don’t know it! I do hope your self esteem and self confidence are okay.

If you have a high score in the worry or obsessive compulsive category, you need to do something about it very soon! Is your attitude and expectation category low or high? I know you have no problem with the emotions category, but what about your social situations category?

Learn everything you can about your own personality and try to correct your weaknesses. Remember always to place yourself where you can make a great contribution and produce good results. Take care of your bad habits. Knowing your bad habits can help you to improve your performance and reach achievements. If you know your test results for all your traits, then you are on your way to mastering your life.

Learn first who you are!