Where Is the Human Mind Located?

For many of you, this is not a question at all: The mind is located in the brain, or the mind is equal to the brain!  You probably use both terms, brain and mind, interchangeably, like “Everything is in your mind” or “Everything is in your brain”.

Are you right?

Let me explain this complicated subject!

Since the seventeenth century, many philosophers and scientists were involved in the debate over this “simple” question: “What is the definition of the human mind and the human brain?”

One of the best known arguments came from Rene Descartes (1596~1650), a French philosopher, who developed a dualistic theory of mind and matter. In “translation” into today’s computer terminology, may we say that Descartes “explained” “the mind as software, and the brain as hardware?”

A British biologist, Sir Julian Huxley (1887~1975) had this to say: “The brain alone is not responsible for mind”.

For decades, we as a human society did not have an explanation in plain English as to how to distinguish the mind and the brain.

At the end of the twentieth century, we had a very powerful tool in our hands: brain imaging technology. We got an opportunity to literally see the living human brain at work, the only possible way for a better understanding of how the human brain works. As neuroscience has available a computerized technology for studying the live brain, it can explain many of the previously inexplicable facts about the human brain. 

According to neuroscience, we have an accurate definition of the mind and the brain:The mind is the brain in action. The mind is the state when the brain is alive and at work. When the brain is dead, the mind cannot function”.

The mind and the brain need each other. The mind exists only in the live brain. This is the perfect unity between two inseparable parts of human existence.

Now, can we say that the mind and the brain are the same? Definitely – not!

The mind is not the brain, and the brain is not the mind!

What is the brain? Well, we could say that the brain is some kind of “bio-machine” which produces the mind or that the “living functioning brain produces the mind”.

What is the mind? The mind is “a product of the living brain”.

It sounds complicated?

I already told you, this subject is complicated!

My article has the title: Where Is the Human Mind  Located?  What would be your answer? No idea?

Let us make the whole subject “simple”:

The human mind is located only in the living, working brain. The dead brain has no mind!

This is “a whole philosophy” on one simple question: “What is the definition of the human mind and the human brain?”

Still confused?



  1. i think mind is located somewhere, where it can travel in our body. Its transportation way is blood. So i think the mind is located closer to our heart or in the heart. Brain is just a organ but mind is not.

  2. The mind is a state of consciousness beyond the limit of the physical. It predictions don’t come directly from the brain because it does things ur memory is not conscious of. Its a powerful invisible signal of the body, when it goes far u no more conscious of ur state. U can place ur mind about something and get lost immediately and when ur attention is called u wont have the memory again. It happens at times. So the mind i think is a state of consciousness out of the physical. If its taken to another country permanently, thats u taken to another country not including the brain or body. So the mind is consciousness, the brain memory and the body your implements to act. Your body and brain needs energy to take process but ur mind needs not. So in death there is a state of consciousness but its far beyond mans imagination and intelligence.

  3. For your kind information…let me tell you that the centre of the mind is located in the centre of the stomach….. One of the physiologist and hypnotherapist had told me that……….

  4. Then how brain dead patient’s most of the time heart is alive(working) when permanent or temporary brain dead?

  5. Your Comment *this is so complicated to me but i think i have learnt something today

    1. I was told that the mind is located in the heart… impossible to believe but this was a Yog Doctor

  6. We may never understand the true concept of the mind. It is far more complex and beyond our ability to understand it’s presence. It supercedes understanding. It can ask the question as to where and what it is but it cannot ask and answer a question that it cannot answer. It (you) will have to go to a higher order than it’s own understanding and ability to comprehend.

  7. I know only one thing that matters more than anything in the world, but I know that one thing.

    I may not have a choice, today, about what I do for a living, where I live, or what kind of car I drive.

    But if who I am today is a writer, I’m a writer, even if I live in a homeless shelter, write on paper bags with stubs of pencils, and take the bus to a job in a fast food joint to try to get out of the shelter.

    If who I am today is a writer, I’m a writer, even if my kids are sick, my car is broken down, my computer won’t boot and I haven’t sold anything in years.

    But if who I am today is a writer, and I decide that who I should be is a doctor, I’m going to be pretty miserable because who I am is a writer.

    On the other hand, if I’m a writer who wants to become a doctor, I’ve got a great handle on who I am, who I want to be, and probably an idea of whether it’s possible and how to get there.

    Never lose sight of who you are. Be who you are, no matter where you are, or when you are.

    Be you.

  8. On a clear night,many stars and even a galaxy can be in my mind.
    But definitely NOT in my skull!

  9. I think the mind and brain are inseparable. however, while you can see and touch the brain, it is not so with the mind. The mind seems to me like an abstract state of being. thus i agree that the mind is the software while the brain is the hardware.

  10. I too have to disagree in general with the article The mind is by no means a product of the living brain. The brain is a processor in the machinery of perception, nothing more. Mind was here long before body and brain, long before matter, long before time space and matter became the building blocks of experience. Mind, I believe, is non-local and our brains act as receivers for thoughts. That only one mind exists and we are each allocated some teeny tiny fractal of the whole of mind or consciousness to experience as our own, yet it remains a part of the whole. At times we can move past the allocation boundaries and experience more of the mind. This happens through many things, like Ayahuasca, other psychedelics or from meditation. Did you ever have someone give you a psychic reading that was eerily accurate? They were accessing the small allocation of mind that belongs to you…Mind is non-local, not in your brain…

  11. heart transplants.. including beating heart from ‘brain dead’ donor into recipient with heart removed.. where are the minds here ?
    different types of amnesia based on brain areas damaged..
    some lose most memory yet retain language, music and martial art etc
    what and how we think and remember are part of mind function..
    directly effected by specific injury/disease to specific brain areas..
    180 billion brain cells with countless connections create self imagery,
    who and what we are, what we believe and dont believe etc..
    including a self image and self identification, with name, status etc..
    social, political,religious etc, conditioning brings another layer of additional confusion to identity and location of our/the mind..

  12. mind is full of negativity and full of fear and brain always react on bad and inauspicious matter why? if brain and mind has great and tremendous power then why human living a life of negativity and fearful. mind believe in negative thing very soon in comparison of positive

  13. As a recent student of Buddhism I am intrigued and have checked several things. The Buddhist belief is that the brain is an empty, formless continuum, in the centre of the chest. It is not the brain. It is a fact that the mind cannot be photographed nor even seen in the human body.
    The Buddhist belief is that we put our own thoughts onto that formless continuum and that is how we then perceive the world. If we train the mind to be calm and we put positive, virtuous thoughts onto it, we can be happy. if we put delusions such as anger, jealousy onto it, we will suffer. After death Buddhists believe that the mind remains, and after days or weeks is transferred to another creature.

  14. Guru Nanak was wrong. He is not a God nor a Doctor. Read Quran you will know what is mind and where it locate.

  15. In the deep sleep state ( No REM ) mind is not operative, still the brain functioning. So we can’t say only when the brain is mind is dead.

  16. In Upanishads it is said,that three states of consciousness i) waking state, where we have body, mind intellect and ego. ii) Dream state where again we have se subtle body, mind , intellect and also ego. Finally iii) Deep sleep (no REM) , we are not aware of body, no mind, no intellect but still brain is functioning. Hence we really can’t say that, only when brain is not functioning there is no mind. There us no all satisfying answer for this question.

  17. for this question her comes the answer…. mind means power..energy… and thats god

  18. I believe mind is located in two places i.e. Brain and Heart. The stronger impressions or stored in mind located in heart for example life partner etc.
    This is just my opinion.

  19. From: Prof BALDEV SINGH : Pb., INDIA Phone: 94179-76161 — It is all rubbish to quote ‘mind’ or ‘heart’ when we talk about our behaviour in terms of emotions, sentiments, spiritual thinking etc. ‘Heart’ is a physical body that can be seen, touched etc, and has nothing to do with emotions, sentiments, spiritual thinking etc. On the other hand, ‘mind’ is non-physical body and production of false human imagination , so cannot be seen, touched etc, and has nothing to do with emotions, sentiments, spiritual thinking etc. All the emotions, sentiments, spiritual thinking etc. originate in and are controlled by the brain. Mind is nothing, but a word , a superstition or product of human fancy. It does not exist at all.

    1. How can physical entity control non physical?
      If brain controls our thoughts and emotions then we should be able to see them also, as we can see the brain.

  20. Hello Everyone,
    This is a nice article but I beg to differ that mind is in the living brain. Mind is a terrific powerful tool. It cannot be limited to brain only. What happens to a brain dead person? There are many instances when a person is announced as brain dead but on the long run he came back to life & remembered all the details which happened around him during that time. The power of mind can be seen in even the cells. Definitely a live brain is necessary to feel mind but this is not limited to brain. All the sense organs can feel the mind. One truth is the Mind & the body are not same.Science is doing huge amount of research in this…the results will come soon hopefully.

    1. Like what Atma is to a Body, Mind is to the Brain. Body is where the Atma lives and receives energy. So is Mind in Brain.


      MJ Menon

  21. “The mind as software and the brain as hardware”
    love this article.
    I am thinking:
    The mind is memory in the train of our brain
    Food is the software in the digestive tract
    Imagine there’s a heaven
    Fish and

  22. Guru Nanak was once asked this question. He replied that the mind dwells in the heart.

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