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The Meaning of “Whispering Hope”

neon light signage on wallI got my inspiration for this article on hope by listening to the beautiful traditional song “Whispering Hope” (music and words by Septimus Winner, 1827–1902).

With my sincere intention to soften their souls, I devoted my article to people who are hopeless and suffering now.

I would like to “whisper comforting words” to them, as Septimus Winner did many years ago:

“Wait till the darkness is over;
Wait till the tempest is done,
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow,
After the shower is gone”.

As a person and a motivational writer I know how crucial hope is, how it can open new doors, and why it is “an anchor so steadfast”.

Does it sound like I’m preaching?

I hope not because I’m talking from my own experience of many decades, as someone who knows that having hope under any conditions works.

I deeply respect the prayer of the Sioux Indians: “O Great spirit, keep me from ever judging and criticizing a man until I have walked in his moccasins for two weeks”.

If you ever have walked in “hopeless moccasins”, you know what I am talking about.

When you and I go around hopeless about life, who is to blame for it: human nature, destiny, or genes? Even if you convince me that you really are a hopeless case, I still have the right to say, “Make the most of your own nature. We are what our upbringing, attitude, and heredity have made us”.

We cannot do much about our heredity, but we can change the way we see it.

As children we were born with hope but, during our journey through life, some of us lost our hope.

For better or worse we need to accept our life with no anger, but with resilience. If we can do that we create positive energy, beliefs, and thoughts – conquering sorrow and self-pity.

Can we stop seeing ourselves as hopeless people? Can we look at ourselves as hopeful people, even if we do not feel like it? Looking at ourselves not as we are now, but as the people we can become, will make a difference in our lives.

How much can we do? It depends on how much we hope we can do.

Being hopeless is a state in which we waste our energy and time.

Without hope we simply cannot use the great power within us, the power to direct our own future toward the way we want to go.

Having hope sets our mind in motion to find the way to create our life.

I have seen many people walking around like zombies, and they look like zombies because they are living without hope.

What is the difference between having and not having hope? It is the difference between being successful or unsuccessful and being happy or unhappy, or the difference between being motivated or not.

Even our relationships with others depend on our ability to carry on with hope in life. If we are parents, our offspring watch us as their role model and we have an obligation to teach them how important hope and strong beliefs are.

I hope I have encouraged you to change your hopelessness into hopefulness for the sake of your health, family, friends, and success.

After reading this article on hope, don’t forget one thing: hope needs action to win! Act the way you want to win, and you will succeed.