Why We Need to Teach Others


With my articles and presentations, I like to inform and teach people. In this article, I will give my arguments regarding why we need to teach others, not just ourselves. 

Teaching others is my way to learn about a subject. By teaching others, I actually teach myself. Only when I completely understand a topic, can I expose it to others. If I cannot explain an idea in plain English, even the most complicated subject, I have not learned it.

My personal reason for teaching others is complicated, and many do not share my view. I feel an obligation to share my experience with others and hope I am helping them to live a better life. I am giving them all the facts as to they need to think about a subject and make a good decision by themselves. I am sharing — not pushing — my knowledge, hoping to improve their life. If they do not want to accept my view, it is fine with me. I have done my job by offering my advice and understanding.

Someone might call it “unsolicited advice”. What if I call their opposite approach: “egoism”? Some people simply do not want to share their experience.

If I know and understand something, and I see that the other person is hurting himself or herself or others, my moral obligation is to react. If I do not react, I feel guilty. Not reacting looks like a crime to me. Helping others to live a life with more meaning is not “unsolicited advice”. When other people have taught me how to change or understand what I am doing wrong, I realized why. I am thankful for their advice; they do care about me. They are helping me.

When I see a person in my social circle suffering emotionally, I feel much better if I can help him or her to feel more satisfied or happier. I do care about the people around me, and I feel human and better when I share my knowledge with others. I do not need to hold a PhD, or to have a licence, or to be an expert if I share my sincere, learned, scientifically proven facts on a subject.

We all are able to teach each other something “small” in life. There is teaching, and there is preaching! I do not preach, just teach. Here is the difference between these two terms: When just teaching, the message is, I am not playing the role of God, and I am not your guru or authority. I am offering my learned information without saying: obey and listen to me, and accept what I say! Not at all! I am not brainwashing. I am offering my concepts to get others to see and understand on their own terms. The message should be clear, simple and understandable for everyone, allowing others to find their own evidence.

If I can help others to make their own decisions – I am a good teacher.