Your Male or Female Brain and Your Relationships

There is no dilemma: the brain, the mind and relationships are still mysterious terrain. Are we able to explain, predict, or control everything about them? I do not think so.

By relationships, I mean any kind of relationship; married/unmarried couples, relationships between parents and children, or between friends or co-workers. Relationships should not be complicated, but sometimes they are, and we almost always blame the other person.

But, the real question could be: Is it possible that sometimes the problems in relationships are not just because of lack of love, understanding or cooperation”, but because of mental/emotional dysfunction, or as a result of brain disease, infection or injury?

Yes, it is quite possible. There are many reported cases where problems in relationships were caused by emotional or brain trauma. After medical treatment, relations came back to normal. For healthy relationships, we need mentally stable people. Whenever there is a disturbance in behaviour, for one reason or other, there are always some problems in relationships.

In relationships, differences exist in the roles played by male or female brains, as well. Many underestimate the fact that male and female brains are wired differently, meaning connectivity and configurations are different. As a result, there are behavioural differences between men and women. Sometimes it seems men and women see the same reality differently, just because of the ways their brains are wired.

Some of the differences between male and females brain are: Women are better intuitive thinkers than men. Women can  handle multitasking better because of different connections between left and right brain hemispheres. Science says that in women, the emotional right brain hemisphere and analytical left side are more integrated. Mens brains shrink faster by aging than womens brains. Estrogen, a steroid hormone responsible for typical female characteristics, promotes brain cell growth and regeneration. Even the amygdala, a structure in the brain that responds to danger, works differently in men and women.

Now a bizarre question: Why do men stare at women intensively? The scientifically correct answer is: Mens amygdala has more connections to the visual cortex, the part of the brain responsible for processing visual information. Simply, men are more reactive to visual stimuli. But this is not an explanation for cheating, only for staring.

Another difference between mens and womens brains has to do with feelings. In humans, the limbic system: the hypothalamus, hippocampus and amygdala are in charge of emotions and motivation. A women has a larger limbic system, therefore she is more in touch with her feelings.

Obviously, male and female brains work differently. If we understand and accept that, maybe we can save many relationships. Naturally, many relationships do not work for other reasons. The conclusion is: All the differences in male and female brains are not the reason for unloving relationships, splitting or constant fighting, but just for a better understanding of what is going on in a partners mind.