The Need For Personal Progression in Difficult Times

As humans, we inherently crave control. Although what can we do when there is no control at all, and no apparent end date to these difficult times? Many have found solace in committing to personal progression, as this is an area of our lives that we can determine the route and have our actions rewarded. If you’re looking to make sense from difficult times and use time in constructive ways, let’s outline why personal progression is a great focus area and where you should start this journey to betterment.

Assessing our health

If health wasn’t paramount to you before Covid-19, then chances are it’s an area you are looking deep into now. Health is such an all-encompassing consideration, and, fortunately, it’s never been easier to get information and find out what you need to tweak to get your body and mind in the best shape. Book an appointment with your dentist in Bentleigh East and your local GP for a routine check and clean of your teeth and some blood tests to check your levels of iron, zinc, hemoglobin, Vitamin D, B12 and Folate. One global take away through all this is that being healthy can only serve us in these difficult times, and sets us up to thrive in other areas of our lives. Get a better understanding of your health and take control.

Education and upskilling

Difficult times such as these have completely disrupted schedules, plans and projects. Whether this has meant more work or no work will depend on what you do and how much you have seen an impact. One thing is for sure that many are using this time for deep reflection and to spend downtime (and perhaps lockdown time) educating themselves and upskilling. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a time where information is so readily available, so why not learn a new skill or sharpen the ones you already possess? This personal progression might be exactly what advances you when the tough times pass and new opportunities present themselves.

Creative pursuits

The majority of adults struggle to tap into their creativity, with many of us leaving that side of ourselves in childhood despite the fun and personal progression that can come from working on a creative project. If this is something you haven’t done in a long time, then there is even more reason to get started and channel your nerves and thoughts into creating something special. Note that being creative doesn’t necessarily mean working on an oil painting, it can even be to redesign part of your home, create a green space or give your furniture or clothes a revamp. Another benefit to these sorts of projects is that they are affordable to do, and the options are limitless.

Connecting with people

We entered these difficult times as a collective group, and that is how we are going to come out of them. Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues is going to do more for your personal progression than you think, as they are the constants in our lives and allow us to talk and feel through our emotions. Stay home orders can absolutely feel like an invitation to just get under the covers and get reacquainted with Netflix while you shut off from the world, but remember to stay connected to your social group and community as this is going to do so much for you and your personal progression in these times.

Let’s try to view these challenging times under a new lens, and find ways to pursue personal progression despite these setbacks. You could also extend this challenge to other members of your friendship circle and family, as group accountability is always more effective.