Change is Good

I remember a comment, while reading an article on changing our habits made by Dr. Fisher : “If I always do what I’ve always done, I will always get what I’ve always gotten”.

That is true. Change is a part of life and every single day everything is changing.

At the same time the truth is people generally do not like change. Also, people tend to resist change. This is a bad habit!

We fear change. Any change, whether it is good or bad, is always anxiety producing. All changes cause some discomfort. Of course, we do not like anxiety and we do not want to change anything.
Therefore, we need the courage to change our bad habits and negative behavior. We use our anxiety as an excuse for not changing. We are always trying to do the same things, expecting to get something different. Unfortunately, that is impossible. We have to pay a price for changing ourselves. But, it is worth it.

The only things we have to do are to give up some of our ways of thinking and acting. We have to stop avoiding changing.

Yes, it can be very difficult, but we have to try, anyway. Our own resistance behavior keeps us from moving ahead. Moving ahead means changing. The opposite means being stuck. Being stuck is bad and creates a sad feeling. If you want to grow – change yourself. The only way to break this cycle is to make changes.

One way to change another person is to change yourself first.
When changing yourself, you will change others who surround you.

Some people would rather remain with their limitations than give up what they are getting from being anxious.

Get out of your comfort zone and make it happen. Think of your process of changing as exciting. Open a new door in the wall of limitations. Fear of failure? That is normal. Deal with your problems, bad habits, fears and limitations. Direct your life. Start with small things.

Our resistance to change is our excuse not to grow up. We do not want to take responsibility for our own happiness or lack of it! Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Do not maintain your negative behavior! If you want to change your bad behavior, start changing yourself today. Not tomorrow, but today.

Procrastination is another excuse for not changing. When we do not want to do something – we procrastinate. Do what you have to do today. Be responsible and change your bad habits. Very soon you will find yourself in a totally different world – the world of happiness.

Before starting to make any changes we have to let go of our negative and skeptical attitude, for it is self-defeating. If we say, “No, it will not work,” do not be surprised if it doesn’t.

We will have a hard time letting go of this condition. Be open- minded and recognize your resistance pattern.

Often, people make the mistake of over-analyzing and intellectualizing. If you really want to change yourself, do not be so analytical. Analytical behavior produces more anxiety, depression and confusion. Understand it is just our subconscious that wants to resist.

Accept changes as a process and do not feel sorry for yourself.
Learn to like and to respect yourself, not to feel sorry for yourself. You are not different and your problem is not the worst.

I know what you are saying now, “Can we change everything in the world for the better?” Of course not. But if you cannot change something – accept it.

Be secure in yourself. Insecure behavior is another problem for people who do not want to change bad habits. They will always find a reason for not changing. For instance, they may say:

“People may not like me with all my changes, so I will stay the same.”

Again, this is just another excuse! And you know what, if you do not like to change anything, you will feel worse – not better!

Continuing in the same bad behavior will kill you. I am telling you the truth.

You can end up in severe depression with a lot of anxiety and fears, and you can get physically ill from anxiety and depression.

We choose our behavior. Everything is up to us! Choose to start changing your habits today! I am not saying that is an easy process. Not at all. You might feel lost and confused. That is okay. Get over this condition.

You don’t need your anxiety, fears, depression or bad mood.

You have a choice: would you prefer to stay suffering with anxiety and depression or prefer to accept the anxiety of changing?

What is your choice? Which way makes you feel better? Which is worst? Neither is pleasant! It is up to you.

Please, try to change yourself and try to accept yourself. Gain self-control and peace of mind will be yours. Trust me!

Good luck!