Do You Like Yourself?

The topic is self-love. This article hopes to convey some basic facts about self-love. Love we experience for ourselves. We are not talking about egotistical, selfish love. We are talking about natural, real, acceptable and understandable love for oneself. You may think love for oneself is not love at all!

But do not underestimate its importance.

If you believe everyone loves themself, you are wrong. I know this sounds strange, but many people really do not like themselves, or you might even say they hate themselves. Unfortunately, they are missing a very important ingredient of life. Our experience provides us with thousands of examples.

Not feeling love for oneself will produce problems.

Do not treat yourself badly!

For good mental and physical health, we need to love ourselves. If you have love for yourself, you have love for others as well. Only when you experience love for yourself can you truly love others. You cannot offer something to others that you do not have. Everything begins with love. Love is an art and the key to happiness and success. Love is the Ingredient that binds everything together. Fortunately, we can learn to love ourselves.
Learning to love ourselves will make us more compassionate and we will enjoy life more.

I am not saying become preoccupied with yourself. Just treat yourself with respect, especially in failure. Learn to accept your limits. We are human beings and we make mistakes at times.

After all, no matter how impressed you are with others the fact is: You are much more important than any VIP. So why not treat yourself at least as well as you would treat them? When you love yourself, you do things for yourself in a more natural way. The greater your love, the more positive it is. Love always makes itself available to those who ask.

If you want to change something in your life, you need to love yourself. If love is lacking, the change will be limited. Without knowing yourself and loving yourself you cannot use the power of love. People learn how incredible they are by learning to love themselves.

We, as imperfect human beings, need our own loving support. When you love who you are, you automatically bring out the best in you. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to feel your emotions. Always take care of yourself.

Why is it so important to love yourself? The answer is very simple. If you love yourself, you will not reject yourself and no one else will either, or if they do, it certainly will not matter to you.

If you believe you have so called “faults” inside you, it will be difficult to love yourself. Building love for yourself builds your self-worth. Life is about change. Events come and go, but the love that you have for yourself is constant, and it is the most important asset you posses in your life. When you love yourself you are more lovable.

Why I am writing about this topic? Because the most important factor determining the richness of our life is in the way we perceive ourselves. And if you do not like yourself, please remember you are who you are; you are doing the best you can. Just love who you are and accept yourself.

Often the best contribution you can make in life is to work on yourself. Love is always a life force and energy. Your opinion of yourself is more important than what others think of you. You need to like yourself if you want to treat yourself better. You do not have to be a great achiever in life to feel love for yourself. Happy people like themselves! Where love is, there is healing and energy.