How to avoid costly mistakes in life?

At some stage in life most of us will ask ourselves: How do I avoid costly mistakes in life?

Do we know the answer? I doubt it.

Life is unpredictable and consequently, there is no prescription for not making mistakes!

In fact, avoiding mistakes is a stepping stone to peace of mind, but the question is still there: How to avoid mistakes?

For some people the right answer could be: Mistakes are an inevitable part of life. We need to try our best, hoping that we won’t make costly mistakes.

For the others, the right answer is:  Obviously nobody wants to make mistakes, but, unfortunately everybody will make mistakes at some time or another in their life. Life without mistakes is impossible.

As we already agreed, mistakes are inevitable, therefore the next question could be: How to handle mistakes?

People handle their own mistakes differently, depending on their character, attitude and personality.

If you think about how to handle the situation when mistakes occurred, try this approach:

– Accept the situation – that you made a mistake.

– See if you can undo whatever is possible. If you can, then do it immediately.

– Forgive yourself for making mistakes.

– Learn from your mistake; mistakes are our teacher. Analyze what you did wrong and take steps to make sure you don’t make the same mistake next time.

– Despite mistakes, stay positive – an optimist; and take pride in what you have done well.

Talking about making mistakes, we must say: Admitting mistakes is a challenge for all of us, and it takes courage to do that. People who know how to deal with mistakes are people who possess a great sense of personal responsibility. These people will admit when they’ve made mistakes and accept their responsibility for making mistakes. They won’t blame life or circumstances for their mistakes. Honestly, how many of us will admit: Yes, I made mistake and I’ll take responsibility for it? Definitely not so many.

If we believe we will feel better for not taking personal responsibility, we’re simply wrong. Not accepting our mistakes will make us worse, not better, or less guilty.

Maybe you don’t trust that statement? You have a choice and the responsibility to take whatever course you want. Accepting our responsibility for making mistakes doesn’t mean we need to feel down, inadequate or incompetent.  No; everyone has made mistakes at some point of life. Mistakes are part of the human experience and also an opportunity for learning and growing.

From the view point of many spiritually oriented people, our attention should be on how we respond to mistakes. What makes the difference is how we keep our peace of mind, despite making mistakes. How do we teach ourselves that optimism and a meaningful life are independent of external circumstances?
Happiness depends upon our state of mind and is not related to our status in life or our income.

Therefore, our focus shouldn’t be only on how to avoid mistakes and the turmoil in the world, but on the needs of our soul. The soul holds the truth and meaning, accomplishment and greatness.

Fulfillment in every aspect of life, which includes the spiritual, the mental, the emotional and the physical, can bring peace in our life. Satisfaction with life will come not just from avoiding mistakes, but also from our attitude. Attitude will make a difference in how we see reality.

Doing something that gives us pleasure and meaning will give us life satisfaction.

If your current situation does not provide you with meaning or pleasure, be sure to include some meaningful engagement in your life. If inner peace is within us, why are we looking for inner peace in the external world? We can create our inner peace of mind with our own actions. Just remember where your inner peace is located and admit to yourself that we cannot control everything in life.

Searching for meaning is actually searching, acting and knowing your own virtues.

Start with your positive thoughts; create an active and meaningful life now, when you`re, hopefully healthy, not when you are already depressed or sick.

As we know, there is a connection between the mind and the body. The mind-body connection is crucial for our physical health. When we feel happy and joy, the whole body literally feels sensations of happiness and joy, which is actually a result of “happy chemicals”. We feel pleasure, satisfaction and joy because of chemicals. This is the mind-body connection at work.

If we wish to feel happy and satisfied we shouldn’t forget friendships. It’s important that we share our feelings with our friends. Our friends are there for us to give us support in tough times. Not just support, but a different perspective on things when we need it the most. Even if we make mistakes in life, our friends are there at every step of the way until we reach our goal.

Everybody, at some time or another, will feel inner conflict due to mistakes in life.