Expectations and Beliefs for the Best

Is it true that people can be healed by simply having positive beliefs, attitudes, and expectations? The answer is yes, some patients got better because they had positive, optimistic faith in their inner healing power and belief in their medical provider or the method used to cure them. 

Thoughts, beliefs, expectations, feelings, intentions, faith, self-talk, and attitudes, play a huge role in individuals’ health. These characteristics can cure illnesses or cause sickness. That is how the mind works. The mind subconsciously activates an organism’s defence system, in ways we never imagined. Human bodies are capable of creating chemicals that heal and protect us from some medical conditions. However, many people are not aware of or do not believe in the power of the human mind, so they miss the opportunity to help themselves. 

There is biology, and there is the neurobiology of human beliefs, faith, and expectations. What if just thinking of getting better will heal a medical problem, providing the same results as taking drugs or having an operation? Take for example people who got better while they were on a placebo, resulting in them creating their own natural cure. When a person takes a placebo, the hardwired circuits in the brain that react are the same as those in patients who took a drug. When you place intention and belief with your treatment, you will naturally achieve better results. 

I know this concept seems impossible to believe, like it is wishful thinking, but it is not the result of an active imagination. When people believe a particular procedure or medication will work, they strongly believe not only in the procedure or medication, but they also believe in the medical professionals performing the procedures.  

 When you combine meaning, intentions, and beliefs, you literally change the state of your body; you activate new genes. 

You created your unhealthy state with your present mind, expectations, and beliefs. Therefore, you cannot heal yourself with the same mind, expectations, and beliefs. You cannot create an inner healing power with the same state of mind that resulted in your current state. You need to completely change yourself, to become a new person. You need to change how you talk to yourself, what you believe in, how you perceive life, what choices you make, and what expectations you have.  

If you really change your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, you can change the expression of your genes. It is known as epigenetics, which is the science that addresses how the environment can influence genes. Epigenetics says you have power over your genes. You are not a victim of your genes. You are in charge for your genes’ expressions. This concept was totally unthinkable just 50 years ago, but it is now accepted.With the right mindset, we can help ourselves.