Is Your Food Killing You?

Am I exaggerating with this question? I don’t think so! You don’t need to be an expert in the field of nutrition or medicine to understand how food is important for health; you just need to read some articles in the newspapers.

My article is not about “good”, (vegetables, fruits, or fermented) food or “bad”, (processed or GM) foods. It is how you deal with food issues, such as compulsive overeating and food addictions   and “healthy” obesity, (obesity with no medical conditions).Here is a question to all adults: What have you done about healthy food consumption? Not much?

I don’t think a single person who is overweight really wants to be that way, but has been unable to help him or herself. With this article I hope I will help an overweight or obese person to successfully change his or her eating habits.

According to many statistics, especially in North America, more and more people are overweight or obese just because of inappropriate food consumption, not for any other reason.

Why is that? There are many aspects.
For some people, food is “just food”, not the source of well being; therefore, they do not pay attention to what they eat. Sometimes they are sick, unhappy, down or angry just because of the food they eat (the gut–brain connection), not because of any other medical reason.
Food can heal you or kill you! I asked people in my circle of life: “Do you believe this fact?” The majority of them said, “I do not believe it.” Actually, some of them do believe it, but they do not care about the consequences,which has basically the same outcome.

“You worry too much about healthy food intake,” was their comment. I do not accept this! My answer to these people is, “With my concern about food, I am helping my body to keep me healthy and fight against viruses, bacteria and environmental attacks. I am acting as a responsible individual. My health is my responsibility. I am sorry to say some people do not understand, but they have an obligation to do whatever is possible to be healthy, not just because of themselves, but because of their family, friends, company and … government, and being overweight is not healthy.” When you are obese, everyone is indirectly suffering together with you, including your government who is paying for your medical treatments. When you are really sick, you did not choose it, but if you do not care about your weight and the food you eat, you have chosen this state.
Being at resorts, where delicious food is available all day long, and watching guests, I can tell you: overweight and obese people consume a lot of unhealthy food, including enormous sugary drinks at the beach. Coming home, they complain how they gained weight in vacation, again.

I can tell you from my observations: slim people are careful about the food they eat, and they act responsibly. It is not true when someone says: “My obesity is in my genes, running in my family, and I can’t do anything about it.” I do not accept this answer. Even if obesity running in your family, you can do many things! 

I am sorry for being tough on this subject, but I just wanted to help people and give them support about how to eat good foods and food amounts. My statement is clear: You must act responsibly and take care of yourself!