The Wisdom of Life

His wisdom wasn’t enough to help him survive. After years of fighting depression and a fearful life filled with anxiety and stress, he committed suicide, while everyone around him was sure that he was “okay.”

Just a couple of months earlier, he wrote a letter to his friends, asking them to share his thoughts with the world after his death. Despite his brilliant mind, talent, and wisdom, those thoughts couldn’t help him.

He wrote,

“I couldn’t overcome the demon in me. Who knows-maybe you’ll achieve more real wisdom than I did, and your life will be different. Maybe you’ll learn how to live a fulfilled life.”

Hopefully, you’ll gain some understanding-some wisdom- from his dilemmas and wisdom.

Here is his story:

“Throughout my whole life I struggled to understand how life works. Is it possible to live with no fears, anxiety, and overthinking-always expecting the worst? How do I find the way to happiness?

Now, as my life comes to an end, I realize that I’ve made many mistakes.

I hope that you won’t make the same ones.


1. Don’t be afraid of death.

We know that no one will escape the end.

‘Carpe diem,’ said the Roman poet Horace, meaning, make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. I didn’t know how to take pleasure in the present. I was always concerned with the future, thereby killing my enjoyment of the present…and ultimately, my life.

2. Try to learn how to accept the reality of your life.

For the sake of your loved ones, try to do something that is very hard to do: Learn how to accept the reality.

There’s a difference between accepting reality and fighting it. If you want to experience hell, fight against reality, and you’ll end up with pain and sadness, like I did, for your entire life.

3. Don’t regret the past.

You’ve done what you’ve done, and no one can change it. I was trying to change my past, and I paid the price. Cry, if you need to, but don’t dwell on the past. Regrets about the past kill the pleasure of the present; they did for me.

4. Don’t be constantly unsatisfied

I was. Change what you can or what you wish, but constant dissatisfaction with your present status is the road to an endless loop of desiring something else that you can never achieve. This is a recipe for disaster!

5. Love is a source of happiness, energy and support…

…if you’re lucky enough to find it. I wasn’t so lucky, and I suffered as a result. Without love, I was lost.”

Rest in peace, my friend!