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What are the Challenges of Love?

Real love stories never have endings (Richard Bach) With Valentine’s Day almost here, today’s article on romantic relationships is timely. However, it is prompted by a reader’s two-part question: “Is it true that it is easier to forgive than to...


Don’t waver, but savor the favor

Branko Copic (b. 1915) was a Bosnian-Herzegovinian writer well loved in his homeland, which was formerly known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. His children stories, novels, narratives, and poetry touched the lives of many. One day in 1984 he...


Appearances Can Be Deceiving (Aesop)

The shimmering surface of a lake, glowing in the evening sun, may inspire us with its beauty. Yet, hidden beneath its surface may be an ugly blanket of toxic sludge. On the other hand, the ocean surface that is marred...